It's time.

An Extraordinary Account has come to the end of the road...BUT, a new season in my life means a new blog venture! *pause to have a small rave in silence as excitement builds*

The Bird That Changed Her Song

  We are just beginning our new love affair, so come and join us for good times...

Thankyou for your support xxx


Uh, call me tacky but I've fallen in love with the Kardashians. My friend and I watched the wedding of Khloe and Lemar (probably just spelt both of those names wrong but because I'm lazy I'm not going to google the correct spelling) on foxtel about a month ago and couldn't stop crying. It's ridiculous. Most of the family is so obnoxious (ok, well maybe just Khloe), yet there's something so appealing about them...In general, the girls' style is a way too hoochie mamma for my liking, but I've searched through some pictures and I must admit they can look pretty damn fine (when they're not working their best push up bras (which seems to be 90% of the time) or posing semi nude for various publications)...

P.S If you live in Sydney, how bizarre is this weather?? I'm not proud to say it but I'm hating on summer right now...bring on winter weather and killer fashion. BYO platform boots, blazers, stockings and scarves.


an american in paris

1951 film musical
A divine cast (including a personal favourite, Gene Kelly) and beautiful imagery.
Watching it I feel as though I was born in the wrong era...

Happy New Year


ring my bell

I'm kind of speechless.

Images: Lipstick Boudoir


Merry Late Christmas!!!

Christmas is a hectic time of the year, period. For me the lead up is more about mental preparation rather than anything else. At our house come Christmas eve, the carols are blaring from the television, decorations are being hung in a desperate attempt to make the space appear more 'Christmassy', presents are being secretively wrapped in bedrooms and a copious amount of fresh produce is still sitting in the fridge waiting to be peeled, sliced, diced and roasted. We've taken the concept of 'last-minute preparation' and stretched it to it's limit. We all complain when mum's stayed up til 2am cleaning, but when i think about it, there would be something extremely wrong if we didn't do Christmas like this every year. Anyway, as per usual, the day ended up being a joyous occasion with a couple of bottles of moet popped open, the freshest prawns I've ever tasted, Nanna, Mum and I cooking away in the kitchen and my personal favourite, the 'after lunch siesta' (this year occuring during lunch for me haha). I would give you a full run down of the menu but it would end up taking up unnecessary space on the page...However, I will be taking requests to post if your heart so desires.

I will be starting a new blog come 2010 called 'Croon' which will be focused on my ever-growing passion for cooking, wining (I don't even think that's a word in this context) and fine dining...I'll probably end up throwing in some music aswell considering that's an equal first love. As for An Extraordinary Account, I'm going to turn this into a blog purely for outfit posts and a few eds here and there. It will be sporadic (story of my life) but I'm hoping that with a job and a bit of forward planning things will go the way I want them to!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
What are your plans for NYE?


Me drinking the best snow cone of my life at Hugoslounge in Kings Cross. Pre-fringe (which I got five days ago...will post a picture when I get around to it)


flights of fancy

Well, It's only been twelve days, but I must say I felt somewhat empty without my daily dose of blogging (not to mention, fueling my addiction by reading all your lovely blogs daily). However, now that I'm back from the chaos of schoolies (which was actually amazing) and the sickeningly hot outskirts of Queensland, I'm ready to take on An Extraordinary Account with new passion...Finishing school has been extremely refreshing and has helped me declutter my mess of a brain, now the only problem is knowing what to do with myself. It's the all too common situation of realising you don't want to go to uni, you don't want to work in an office, you get bored in retail and don't want to end up a female carpenter/plumber/bricklayer (not that I'm knocking girls in trades...just between you and I, It's probably because I'm jealous that my weak, Illness-prone body wouldn't be able to handle the physical demands of such a job)...Oh, and whilst I'm on my rant of my life having no direction (despite only leaving school a month ago) did I mention having an overactive creative side to my brain? This really doesn't help earn a living...unless you're Karl Lagerfeld...or Rachel Zoe (etc etc. you get my drift)...Career suggestions will be seriously considered, because as much as being an apprentice chef appeals to me, I will eventually need some form of proper income to support expensive coffee/clothing/fine dining habits.

Another pointless, self-indulgent essay brought to you by,
Emma Louise.

I'm having an early christmas dinner party for three of my closest friends so I'll get round to posting the menu soon...exciting stuff!

Maybe I can just be like Nigella Lawson...she gets paid for being a domestic goddess, right?



bitch please

This is actually the funniest website I think I've ever come across...Read the following and you shall understand.

"I woke up this morning from a dream I’d had:
I was at a dreadful party with dreadful people who should not be allowed to wear Chanel (it should be only for Chic people only, non? I hate it when the fatties wear my clothes. The uglies are even worse*
And there I was, obviously bored, being chatted up by some creature. She was telling me I should get a “blog”. I thought this was a fabulous idea because I could teach the people who visit this “internet” how to be proper human beings.

Of course I’m not actually typing this out on a computer (I had my Mac G5 melted down into more rings, is much more useful, hmm?), but writing it out with my favourite pencil (one must have a favourite pencil) on specially monogrammed “KL” paper. Then I told an assistant to type it out and put it on the internet.

Now I must leave you. Because, unlike you, I have things to do.

*Speaking of, have you ever seen this American TV show, “Ugly Betty”? I should hope that you haven’t, as it is a hideous programme which pretends that there’s a place in fashion for ugly and fat people. There isn’t. So if you are reading my “blog” and you are either of those things, I advise you to close your browser now and never come back. Thankyou.

Love, Karl."


i like to fork myself

RIP Daul Kim
Such a tragedy for this young, beautiful, eccentric woman.

She will be missed.


The stunning Edita in Vogue Germany from 2008...You know I can't resist a good set of black and whites.

Images: fotodecadent

yasmin lawsuit