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Well, It's only been twelve days, but I must say I felt somewhat empty without my daily dose of blogging (not to mention, fueling my addiction by reading all your lovely blogs daily). However, now that I'm back from the chaos of schoolies (which was actually amazing) and the sickeningly hot outskirts of Queensland, I'm ready to take on An Extraordinary Account with new passion...Finishing school has been extremely refreshing and has helped me declutter my mess of a brain, now the only problem is knowing what to do with myself. It's the all too common situation of realising you don't want to go to uni, you don't want to work in an office, you get bored in retail and don't want to end up a female carpenter/plumber/bricklayer (not that I'm knocking girls in trades...just between you and I, It's probably because I'm jealous that my weak, Illness-prone body wouldn't be able to handle the physical demands of such a job)...Oh, and whilst I'm on my rant of my life having no direction (despite only leaving school a month ago) did I mention having an overactive creative side to my brain? This really doesn't help earn a living...unless you're Karl Lagerfeld...or Rachel Zoe (etc etc. you get my drift)...Career suggestions will be seriously considered, because as much as being an apprentice chef appeals to me, I will eventually need some form of proper income to support expensive coffee/clothing/fine dining habits.

Another pointless, self-indulgent essay brought to you by,
Emma Louise.

I'm having an early christmas dinner party for three of my closest friends so I'll get round to posting the menu soon...exciting stuff!

Maybe I can just be like Nigella Lawson...she gets paid for being a domestic goddess, right?


Erimentha said...

i missed you!!!!

hope queensland was amazing!!!!!!!!!

looking forward to lots of inspired posts in the future!
your faithful reader,
eri ;)

Raji said...

Firstly; LOVEEE the name of this postt :)
Hope you had a good timeee!
I'm sorry I'm not much help with career suggestions, but I know that one day it will just come to you. And anyway, you can make a career out of anything these days I mean people shop for other people for a livingggg, thats ridiculous.
I still think being an apprentice chef is the most awesome thing I've ever heard

Dylana said...

Lovely blog!



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